Gem Ethic Academy

Learn the art of finding gems from the market leader in the trade

Gem Ethics Academy Pvt Ltd

Industry: Gem Industry
Solutions: Gem Identifcation Academy, Selling of Gems 

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Project Summary

Gem Ethics Academy Pvt Ltd is a professional registered academy guiding gem enthusiasts to finding precious stones in their pure form.

This convenient and user-friendly platform is trusted by many to get the best gemstones  in its pure form.

Review for our Excellence Services

Gem Ethics Academy

We definitely enhance our digital presence with Pearstec Marketing Pvt Ltd. 🏆They helped us build our website professionally and has been helping us to get the opted results in many ways! Bravo ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly recommended with appreciations!

Technologies Used

Gem Ethics Academy Featured Product

Our Approach

When we started this project Gem Ethics was limited to Social Media Platforms. Based on our assessment we managed to collect information on how to make the online presence perfect. We managed to include a credential-checking online system to ensure checking the certificates of participants in the sessions of Gem Identification practical session. We also included the blogs as a knowledge hub. 

Product’s key features

  • Online Course Session Booking:
  • Certificate credential checking:
  • Knowledge Hub about Gem Trade:
  • Selling of Gem Stones for International clients:
  • Gem Identification Session inquiry:
Gem Ethic Academy Exposure

The Impact

The launch of the website increased the value of the digital presence of Gem Ethics and made it easy for people to be in touch with Gem Ethics. The certificate holders make their presence available digitally as credential checking services available online. 

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