Hey Bro Café Canada is based in Canada, Mississauga. They had approached us to get their website built as they are going to rebrand a restaurant. We successfully made their efforts to see a fruitful future by constructing their website. Also, we managed to make their entire outlet designing needs from display board to hoardings. They are ready to sell the signature dishes to locals love dishes of all kinds from Asian to Western. 

Hey Bro Cafe Canada

Industry: E-commerce – Retail
Solution: Food Outlet for Western and Asian dishes



During the development phase, we encountered several significant challenges that required innovative solutions. One of the primary hurdles was aligning the website’s color concept with the preferences of the website owners. This task proved demanding, especially when dealing with product images captured on various backgrounds. Our team worked diligently to ensure these images resonated with the brand’s tone and identity.

Additionally, accommodating the site owners’ high demand for multiple reviews posed another substantial challenge. They sought comprehensive reviews for their extensive product lineup, requiring meticulous attention to detail and time management from our developers.

Another noteworthy challenge emerged when we realized the necessity of incorporating pages like “Chicken Wings” later in the development process. Despite the initial virtual expectations, local preferences and demands became apparent, highlighting the need for such content to cater to the local audience’s tastes.

Despite these challenges, our team’s valiant effort and dedication paid off, culminating in the successful completion of the website after three months of persistent work and adaptation to evolving requirements.

Technologies Used

Review for our excellent services

Pearstec had definitely exceeded our expectation by dong a perfect website that is aligned with our brand tone. They even extended our review period more than what they have promised. We have decided to travel with with Pearstec for every Marketing Strategical activities taking place in Hey Bro. Their team cooperate with us in every endeavour. There is no second choice if you need a perfect Website beyond Perfect Marketing Strategy, Thank you so much! We recommend them for anyone want to elevate their online digital presence.

Expertise Required

Content Strategy, Website Creation, Ergonomic (UX/UI), Branding & Positioning, Digital Strategy

Skills Needed

Corporate Identity Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, WordPress Development, Tour Package Preparation, SEO Content Creation, Content Development

Our Approach

1. Review Process Simplification:

  • Challenge: The review process was quite tricky.
  • Solution: We used a CRM system with a client portal. This helped us guide clients step by step through the review process. They could easily track progress and provide feedback.

2. Image Editing Complexity:

  • Challenge: Editing images posed a challenge, especially in matching backgrounds and brand tones, especially in cluttered backgrounds.
  • Solution: Our graphic design team utilized various graphic tools and techniques. This enabled us to align the images with the Hey Bro brand’s style and preferences.

3. Understanding Website Functionality:

  • Challenge: Bridging the gap in understanding how the website functions for the Hey Bro team.
  • Solution: Our developers worked closely with the Hey Bro team. They provided valuable insights and knowledge about the website’s overall functionality. This collaboration ensured that our outputs met the Hey Bro team’s expectations.

Digital Board and Signs

We managed to design Hey Bro Cafe’s bigger size Doodle Chalk Board and Bigger Screen Size TV Displays as below.  

Chalk Board of Hey Bro Cafe

The following are some of the 60 inches screen Television desiplays

The Impact

Who ever visit site were able to make inquiry on website. They managed to get a clear picture of what they are going to have on restaurant floor. They were able to get a clear idea of ingredients and prepare themselves to take a good experience on the restaurant.

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