Redlions Network
Red Lions Networks

// An online innovative electronics and gadgets shop deals in branded accessories for a smarter tomorrow.

Red Lions Networks

Industry: Electronics and Technology 

Solution: Selling smart gadgets and electronics online 

Project Summary

Redlions Networks, a locally owned and operated company, is dedicated to transforming people’s daily routines by introducing inventive consumer electronics and gadgets. Their goal is to facilitate a seamless and interconnected way of life for individuals, achieved through the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology.

Technologies Used

Expertise Required

Content Strategy, Website Creation, Ergonomic (UX/UI), Branding & Positioning, Digital Strategy

Skills Needed

Corporate Identity Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, WordPress Development, Tour Package Preparation, SEO Content Creation, Content Development

Redlions Gadget Shop Sri Lanka

Our Approach

We managed to revamp the website totally into a new website considering fast loading and user-friendly approach. We managed to re-categorize the products and make them more browsable. We also include a WhatsApp Inquiry system for every single product to make the purchase more smooth. Redlions Network become one e-commerce gadget store that has branded products representing many leading brands purchasable online.

The Impact

The website caters for the client base with a user-friendly interface. The website enables them to address inquiries promptly with an advanced filter option on the shop page. Also, the shop locator and quotation calling functions make Redlions’ life easy to give the right answers on time. The smart categorization made a big difference in browsing the site with ease.