Gagetpot Gadget Shop

An online gadget store that was established in 2012, selling branded and quality gadgets under 13 categories. Gadgetpot were able to align with the trends and make the products available for anyone and everyone seeking smart gadgets

Industry: Consumer Electronics
Website Classification: E-commerce Retail ↗


We had to retain the large amount of data was the biggest challenge we faced when we had taken the revamping project.

Coding their discount options on checkout in a way that is understandable was another. 

The site owner’s high demand for customization was a total challenge to cater to, as mobile optimization was a tricky part as he needed so many features to integrate. 

When we took the site for revamping the site was totally frozen and most of the data were malware-affected. 

Considering the site features we had to code the site for most of the features while avoiding the plugins. 

Technologies Used

Expertise Required

Content Strategy, Website Creation, SEO, Ergonomic (UX/UI), Branding & Positioning, Digital Strategy, Php Coding

Skills Needed

Brand Identity Design, Graphic Design, WordPress Development, WooCommerce Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, SEO Content Creation, Product Strategy, Php Coding

Our Approach

Data Protection: We had to develop the website in a different place and safely migrate the data one by one took a long time to ensure it was being migrated properly. 

Coding: We successfully managed to code the checkout functions with the discount option. Tested various times to ensure proper smooth operation.  Our expertise in Php coding helped us to attain the goal of giving the site owner the client discount functions during checkout with the help of our coding efforts. 

Customization: We managed to write codes for various options for customizing the site for desktop, mobile and tab versions. We managed to give different layouts for the mobile to give a feeling of a mobile application, where they can convert this mobile version to an Android or iPhone application in the future. 

Speeding up and technical optimizing: We did technical optimization for the website as a whole for all the devices. Also, ensured to license of the site was 100% without any null plugins and themes that affected the site.  

GadgetPot Matale

The Impact

Site loading speed improved, and the process of checkout became more user-friendly and catered the customer-centric. They managed to display the site overall as a better website than the previous version. As a result, the site was browsed by many with ease. The organic reach of the website becomes healthy without implementing many SEO strategies. It reached around 7.3k in the month of August 2023 as per the similarweb data. 

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