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February 5, 2024

Innovative in Business Award

We are proudly and thankfully announcing our one more milestone achievement.
"Best Brand Specialist Marketing Company 2023 - Sri Lanka"
We are chosen as the Best Brand Specialist Marketing Company 2023 - Sri Lanka by the Innovation in Business, AI Global Media, UK for our efforts and dedication in building brand internationally.
Check the award as it is public down here in this link

Thank you so much for everyone who supported us and be with us throughout this 10+ years journey!

Pearstec LLC team had done a great job! If it had not been for you guys, it wouldn't have happened.

September 13, 2013

Begining of Pearstec

In 2013, when we established our organization, we identified a significant gap among SME operators: a lack of clear understanding and strategy to effectively enter the digital world. With a vision to bridge this gap, we embarked on a mission to provide SMEs with a robust and healthy introduction to the digital landscape.

We initiated comprehensive awareness programs, guiding these businesses through the intricacies of digital transformation. Our efforts empowered them to discover their potential and successfully transition into their unique digital identities, turning them into distinct and thriving brands.

Additionally, we extended our expertise to educators and various other SME operators, conducting specialized sessions to enhance their digital presence. As a result, they were able to cultivate their personal brands and achieve notable success in their respective fields.

Our journey has been one of excitement and fulfillment, as we have witnessed countless businesses and individuals flourish under our guidance, embracing the digital world with confidence and vigor.

August 28, 2017

Transformation Pearstec

Pearstec, formerly known as Fypaa until August 28, 2017, continues to thrive as a leading global digital media marketing company. We serve clients from Asia, South America, Europe, and beyond, offering comprehensive services to elevate their brands. Our powerful departments include:

  1. Brand Transformation: We help brands become perfect and high-performing.
  2. Strategic Web Development: We create websites that drive engagement and growth.
  3. SEO Services: Our expert SEO strategies convert traffic into valuable leads.


Pearstec managed to achieve an important milestone in making e-learning videos. It achieved recording more than 1500 video e-lessons. It was a project rendered by the Yaqeen Education System Pvt Ltd. Our professional voiceover staff members and Digital Animators worked day and night to make it a success. As a result, it achieved its target in less than a year’s time.  

Thanks to the owner and the chairman Mr Fahmy Farook, who helped our team to enhance in doing videos. 

29 September 2019
Website Development in 1 Day Workshop
Kandy, Sri Lanka
13 October 2019
Digital Entrepreneur Workshop
Gampola, Sri Lanka
22 February 2020
Brand Transformation Session Office | Company Branding Session
05 April 2021
Strategical Facebook Ads Workshop
Colombo, Sri Lanka

December 10, 2014

Bedford Smart School

In the later part of the year 2014,  we even managed to launch our Smart school project in Lahore, Pakistan. Bedford School was the only smart concept school then. It started with student learning in a digital environment. We made the school with Moodle environment Learning Management System. Students started learning in their tabs from school and submitted their projects and assignments online in the year 2014. 

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Welcome to Pearstec! We believe that a strong brand identity is key to exceptional brand recognition, achieved through strategic principles. Just like Elon Musk, whose fame amplifies his brands’ visibility, Tesla doesn’t need traditional ads to stand out – a perfect example of brand popularity in action. We’re here to make your marketing journey not just effective, but downright awesome with practical, results-oriented strategies. Our team excels at boosting your brand’s popularity and making your business the talk of the town. Let’s turn your brand into a powerhouse together!

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