7 Best Facebook Ads Targeting Strategies for E commerce Success

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  1. Page Like Campaigns
  2. Re-targeting with offer campaigns
  3. Live Streaming Facebook as a strategy
  4. Stop Selling always
  5. Thanking the engaged
  6. Amusing page likers campaign
  7. Best fan offer

“Here’s how to generate expected results from Facebook Ads for e commerce success.”

facebook ad targeting

Are you ready to take your Ecommerce to the next level? Imagine being able to connect with the ideal audience for your product and watch your customer base grow. Well, it’s time to make that a reality! We have uncovered the 7 Best Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies specifically tailored for Ecommerce businesses to attract the right people and bring them to your page. Don’t let the frustration of ineffective advertising hold you back any longer. With Facebook’s incredibly sophisticated audience targeting capabilities, you have the power to reach exactly who you want and increase your sales. So get ready to see your business thrive as you implement these proven strategies and watch the results pour in!

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Strategy 01

📈More than two benefits from a single Facebook Ad?

Page Like Campaigns


You can create “Facebook page-like campaigns” under engagement objectives and run an advertisement for offers. 

Here’s how it will work
In return for their liking or following activities offering something completely free. You could offer, Offering discount coupons, giveaways free training sessions, or conducting free consultations
 are some of the ideas that you can include in these types of campaigns. It varies from business to business. Give a valid reason as they join your platform as to how worthy you are. This can in return build a reputation and loyalty. 

The promises that you make should be dealt with extra care. Make sure the objectives are obtained and achieved. Be sure to inform your entire staff members about the ongoing offer. 

7 Killer Facebook Ad Strategies

Big benefit: Such Lead Megnut offers always attract more people towards next purchase 

And many more benefits! Once they found these kinds of exciting irresistible offers, they click the like button as they are so stupid to say YES, to obtain the offer.  They visit your e-commerce website.

In the long run,  you have many ways to target them as the “custom audience” for your  Facebook ads with the Facebook pixels and events you create.  Say, If they don’t click the page,  technically and visited your website, still you can win them down the track. 

A proof : 1000+ Page likes for less than $10
Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 killer Ad strategies
We offered a free Master Class session to obtain this 1000+ likes. Which is in return turned into a decent CTR above 6%
Strategy 02

🚀Lead Magnet & Trip wire offers

Re-targeting with offer campaigns

Trip Wire Offer Example

I introduced my little cousin to online games, thinking it would be just a temporary interest. However, he has become obsessed with them. I realize now that I am partly to blame for this situation.

Without even realizing it, my cousin has become deeply involved in the captivating world of online games. He has even started buying virtual items like game skins and power-ups.

These digital products act as enticing triggers that keep him engaged and wanting more. These are called tripwire offers and they work well with existing customers. 

Try doing such campaigns that can make your clients become clients forever. As we did a tripwire offer campaign for “ONE YEAR FREE WEB HOSTING WITH A DOMAIN ” and we made 14 website contracts out of it and they ended up being our super customers. 

🎯How to apply this to an e-commerce website?

Tripwire Offer Ideas

Wega Cosmo tried this smart campaign to entice clients. They offered completely free Eyebrow Shaving kits for 842 existing customers. They managed to reconnect that many customers to their business by offering them something free. When they pack and send the gift, they included a $20 coupon for their next purchase on the website and they also send them user manuals for the product.📈

They clearly read the pain point of their clients. Looking smart and beautiful was a clear need for those girls who started purchasing their products. Their inquiries went 🚀rocket high after they started approaching them with personalized messages. 

Strategy 03

📅 Ensure super customer engagement

Live Streaming Facebook As Strategy

Announcing an ad as you are coming online with a surprising offer on a particular day is another Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy.

Target your right audience including your current customers. Make a fuss about this event on many channels. Make it look like an event of the year. You can make people be aware and try to update their calendars with reminders. You can take them to a landing page where they register their name and other details which you can use for re-targeting under customs audience. Remember this! Your landing page should give them excitement as you are coming online with “SUPRISE OFFERS” on that day.

📅Boom! Make that a special day to entertain your clients and engage them. 

STREAMYARD : The best streaming application. You can broadcast your session online on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can broadcast 20 hours in the Free version and in one platform at a time. But, if you subscribe to Streamyard paid Services you can broadcast in multiple channels same time. If your customers are more engaged in YouTube and Facebook, you can choose both options together. 

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Strategy 04

💲 How much do you value your customers?

Stop Selling Always


When you go above and beyond to provide additional services without any expectations, it adds value to your brand. E-commerce websites have the opportunity to organize consumer awareness sessions on various topics, such as Fashion Talk or Skin Care discussions, that are relevant to current trends. By doing so, you can earn the respect of potential customers. It’s important to distinguish between being a knowledgeable e-commerce platform and being solely focused on making money, as these two perspectives carry different values. Put in the extra effort to arrange such sessions and actively engage with your audience.

THE BIG BENEFITS: When you host sessions to discuss the brands you sell, you not only create consumer awareness, but you also make it easier to sell your products. These sessions help you establish your brand identity in the market for the products you offer. By engaging with your audience and sharing insights about your brands, you build trust and credibility, making it more likely for consumers to choose your products.

Strategy 05

💲 How much do you value your customers?

Thanking the engaged

Have you ever considered expressing gratitude to customers who have engaged with your previous advertisements? If not, it’s time to do so. Engagements in advertisements can come in various forms, such as likes, comments, shares, messages, or link clicks. Utilizing custom audience targeting options, you can specifically reach out to these engaged customers and send them a heartfelt message of gratitude.

This gesture adds value to your efforts and helps create a lasting impression. Furthermore, offering a valid discount to those who have engaged with your previous advertisements enhances their experience and strengthens customer retention. Implementing a Facebook ad strategy that focuses on re-engagement and expressing gratitude can significantly impact your customer retention power.

Strategy 06

👍 Are you page likers and followers excied about your page?

Amusing Page Likers Campaign


Are you looking for ways to make your page likers feel special? Consider targeting them exclusively with your Facebook Ads! By doing so, you’ll show them that their support and engagement means a lot to you, increasing the likelihood that they’ll continue to engage with your page in the future.

Plus, by running these kinds of campaigns, you can attract even more page likers who are interested in special promotions. And when these likers come to your physical location to make purchases, you can continue to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Remember, every interaction with your audience is an opportunity to build a relationship and strengthen their loyalty to your brand. So go ahead and try targeting your page likers with Facebook Ads – you might just be surprised at how well it works!

Strategy 07

👥 Do you have a strong community?

Best fan offer

As an admin of your page, it’s important to ask yourself how strong your community engagement is. Are people actively engaging with your content? By creating a group alongside your Facebook page, you can drive two-way traffic which can lead to increased organic engagement. It’s also important to show appreciation to your fans who are spending a lot of time liking and engaging with your page. Offering gift cards or tickets to events can be a great way to surprise and delight your followers. Keep your fans on their toes and announce any surprises or promotions via Facebook Ads for e-commerce success. Let’s celebrate your success with a well-deserved congratulations note to your page likers.

Conclusion: What ever you do as advertisement, your advertisement will reach to people only if your current network able to find a better network. A reasonable network is a total luck that you must pray for after an advertisement. The cookies that getting activated in individual computer and mobile phone devices plays avital role in taking your targeted crowd to the advertisement. When you can make people waste time with your content in your ecommerce site or with your content, you will flourish in future and in present.

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