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Top 5 : Free Webinar Services for Marketing

The most important part of social media marketing is keeping your customers engaging. You can do it with a free webinar services for marketing. We will discuss such 5 amazing free webinar services tools for marketing in this blog. 

There are some of the most important things to consider when you do online marketing.  

  1. Engagement of your customers 
  2. Re-engagement of your customers. 
  3. Exciting the customers with new offers.

The tools that we use to get the engagement of the customers are the things that you are going to concentrate more. Here! we are discussing such a tool, that is going online with your products. 

Free Webinar ServicesWhen you are going online, you must consider following; 

  1. The webinar service that you use should be easy to use.
  2. It should be great to watch. The customer experience is the most important thing in this. 
  3. If it is a free webinar services, with lots of options then you can get most out of it. 

Easy to use → Great Experience → Free Webinar Services

Above are three important things you must consider when you choose a Webinar Services for Marketing. 

Top 5 Free Webinar Services for Marketing

Why we have chosen these service as top 5?
  1. It can bring people live from Social Media Channels
  2. It is suitable even for a person who does start up. 
  3. Extremely easy to handle.
  4. It can excite your customers. 
  5. More over no commitments for most of it’s functions. 

Free Webinar ServicesFREE AND EASY : 100% – As in the picture it can stream your videos live on Facebook Profile, Facebook  Page Facebook Group, LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn Event, Linked in Profile. YouTube Channel, Twitter and Twitch.

Customer RTMP is available for paid subscribers. 

This streaming giant Streamyard had excited me a lot due to it’s amazing functionality. 

GOOD FOR :It is an excellent webinar tool good for online lessons, product demos and meetings. 

EASY TO USE: Their web application works on any browser without any restrictions on the size of your webinar. It can also be accessed from any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. With their tool, you can run live same time and scheduled webinars are great for live events like product demos, customer training, and other technical sales topics.

An area where it stands out is the capabilities it has to stream your videos on even your Facebook , YouTube and Linked channels. Free and easy unlike many streaming web applications. Streamyard is a great free webinar tool for marketing. 

Facebook Live

Only reason why Facebook live come next to StreamYARD that is because it can’t stream you on other channels as Linkedin and YouTube. Otherwise it is also a good and great tool. 

FREE AND EASY – Facebook live has some annoying part during stream as it has its complicated dashboard. 

THE BEST IS : Completely free for Facebook Users.  

GOOD FOR :It is an excellent webinar tool good for product demos and  public events. 

EASY TO USE: Their web application works on any browser without any restrictions also. It can also be accessed from any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. With their tool, you can run live same time and scheduled webinars.

If you REALLY love it: Awesome! Keep using it for free. Like YouTube, Facebook doesn’t offer any premium products for its Facebook Live (yet).


Facebook Live
YouTube Live Dashboard

IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE: Who is going to stop you! Have fun YouTube doesn’t offer any premium products. But it run the advertisements, YouTube is one most popular and streaming web application. The best things is most of the countries offer cheap packages to only watch YouTube which enable reaching a broader audience. 

WHY YOUTUBE STANDS OUT? Because people do go with the intention to watch videos in YouTube which makes a clear difference that YouTube watching audiences are well projected. 


GOOD FOR: Entrepreneurs with a BIG audience.

FEATURES : If you have a big audience, it is always handy that you have a YouTube live option to get your audience engage live. 

Also with YouTube’s event creation tool, you’ll be able to schedule. You’ll also be able to embed the video on your website.

PLUS with their BIG servers, you can have as many participants as you like. The participants are view-only, but still, you can have, many of them engage with you. 

BUT:  You can do the same with Streamyard , WHICH WILL BE less complicated and less effort you have to put. 

YouTube LIVE

Google Meet

It comes with the features as other competitors as in the picture which is very much ideal for meetings, product demo or any online lessons. 

GOOD FOR : Easy to use for any one who wishes to conduct an online lesson, product demos and company meetings. 

FEATURES : There aren’t a lot with Google Meet. But, if you’re looking to host a straightforward webinar for up to 100 participants with built-in chat capabilities for free, Google meet is a solid option.

IF YOU ARE A REAL GOOGLE LOVER: You can pay 7.99 US$ /Month and get some good features. But still it will not have the capabilities as Streamyard, Facebook Live or YouTube live to do live streaming even after paying some cash. 

If you have some big engaging customers you can use this application to create a schedule webinar and call them to the Google Meet and have your job done well. . 


GOOD FOR : Teachers, and people who does product demos and company meetings for less than 40 minutes time. 

FEATURES IN FREE VERSION : Host up to 100 participants. Unlimited group meetings for up to 40 minutes. Unlimited one-on-one meetings with no time limit. Private & Group Chat

IF YOU HAVE LESS OPTIONS : You can purchase the package for 15US$/ per month and avail all the basic features. For that amoung you can host up to 100 participantsm Increase participants up to 1,000 with Large Meetings add-on,  Group meetings for up to 30 hours, Social media streaming also you will get 1 GB cloud recording (per license)

Features Stream Yard Facebook Live YouTube Live Google Meet Zoom.com
Can you stream in Social Media YES YES YES NO NO
STREAM OPTION Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn Only Facebook Only YouTube NO NO
Saving Option YES YES YES NO NO
Embed Later to Website YES YES YES NO NO
Does it got Paid Version also YES NO NO YES YES
What is the limitation in Free Version Only 6 person can host same time No Paid Version No Paid Version Many features Many features and 40 minutes limitation
How do you host No big deal same time Allowing permission to a friend With a software NO NO
How many participant can take part in a streaming Unlimit Unlimit Unlimit 100 100
Broadcasting Schedule Available Available Available Available Available
Background Changing Option Available Graphics not available using camera Yes you can Yes, with some add ons Yes

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