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YouTube Marketing Course

Do you think of becoming a brand and do you know what is your brand? Then you must learn YouTube Marketing for Branding.

If you want to do a successful business, then you must know how to become a brand. If you know how to become a brand then you will flourish in the field. YouTube Marketing for branding is an ideal one.


Individual Session
  • 6 Modules
  • 2 Hours Sessions
  • 3 Sessions


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Why do you want to concentrate on YouTube Marketing for Branding?

1. Create an Image of Authority

Creating a recognition of yourself is not an easy task if you don’t know how to create. When you start giving away rather than always thinking of selling you can go one step towards it. YouTube is the best place you can do various types of videos. You can convince your brand lovers how worth you are.

2. Builds Credibility and Trust

When you start proving worth to the people gradually, you will become trustworthy. The trust that you build can give you an identity. That identity will bring credibility to accept you as a brand.

3. More Engaging than Older forms of Media

As the internet becomes cheaper day by day, in particular when the phone companies are making us believe that it is cheap, they open the channel for more engagement in channels such as YouTube. So you are one step closer already to your customer.

We are conducting YouTube Marketing Session with all the required essentials. We also concentrate on YouTube SEO, so that your video is well placed among competitors.

YouTube Marketing for Branding

After lerning the YouTube Marketing Course...

You will get a clear knowledge of preparing content as per the expected strategy and algorithm for Youtube. You will also come to know the importance of Watch hours. Why you should concentrate on velocity matrix etc.

After uploading a video,  how you should manage, and behave with the video content. Preparing your content as per the analytic plays a vital role in making content. If the video is underperforming, what you should do.  etc. 


Module 01: Welcome to the YouTube Marketing Courses
  • Introduction to the YouTube Marketing  Course. 
  • Video Marketing Research 
Module 02: YouTube Strategy: Making the most of YouTube’s platform and algorithm
  • Why a strategic approach to YouTube matters
  • Understanding the YouTube algorithm
  • How do you use YouTube as part of your marketing strategy?
Module 03: How to Create an Optimized YouTube Channel
  • Creating a YouTube Channel User guide
  • What is your favorite YouTube channel?
  • Optimizing your channel and video for the best results
  • The YouTube analytics that really matters
  • Checklist: Optimizing your YouTube profile
Module 04: How to create high-performing video content on YouTube. 
  • Structuring your video for success
  • What elements will set your YouTube video apart?
  • What’s an example of a video that has an effective structure?
  • The power of playlists
  • Vlogging on YouTube
  • Live streaming on YouTube
Module 05: Your YouTube channel: YouTube SEO and more
  • Search/SEO and YouTube
  • Third-party keyword research tools to help optimize your YouTube content
  • Engaging with your YouTube audience
  • How to get more views and subscribers
  • Monetizing YouTube
Module 06: YouTube Marketing Course Next Step
  • Recording a video and doing a testing uploading with the right parameters
  • Youtube marketing course survey


To become a digital excellence with strategical marketing expertism

After Learning: We’re still bookable for your free follow-up sessions, for unlimited times. That is our Unique Service Point that attracts the most. Cheers!


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