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A better video with a high-quality sound is always good to watch. If you can retain your customers for a long time in your content, that can bring you businesses. If you are a content maker who is with exceptional presentation skills, still when you don’t have the right knowledge to make decent video content you can become miserable. So try to learn the art of doing it with some expert. You will learn everything required from this Video Editing for Digital Channels in an 8 Hours Session.

LKR 10000 | 8 Hours Session

On site session


Total Duration : 8 Hours (Including Lunch and refreshment breaks) 

Number of session : 1 Session (One Day) 

Book a session or ask for a quotation for a group session.

Who can benefit from this Video Editing for Digital Channels session

  • Marketing personals who is influencing the people to buy their products or services.
  • Teachers who wants to make e-learning videos for their YouTube or LMS (Learning Management Solutions) channels.
  • Businessmen who want to make excellent presentation with statistics.
  • Young YouTubers who wants to increase their watch hours presenting excellently.
  • Digital Marketing Enthusiasts who wants to do video contents to Digital Channels.

Who can benefit from this Video Editing for Digital Channels session

  1. A mobile phone with at least 8 megapixel camera with a good lenses.
  2. Condenser mic such as a BOYA mic by M1
  3. A green screen if the background is not that good
  4. Lightings to get a proper exposure.

The more you have a better noiseless room, the more your sound will be clear and easy to listen to.

Session Contents :

  1. Recording video with audio.
  2. Screen Capturing techniques.
  3. Extracting the audio from video.
  4. Editing and enhancing the audio quality with Audacity.
  5. Attaching back the edited sound to video.
  6. Enhancing the video colour and hues.
  7. Videography techniques as per standards.
  8. Animation on videos.
  9. Green Screen Technology.
  10. Lighting Techniques of videography.

You will get all the software required for the session. Book a session from us from the below link

We require the following software to do the session

Audacity Free to use

NCH Video Pad Video Editor

WavePad Audio Editing Software

ApowerRec Screen Capturing Application

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  • Madushanka
    Posted June 3, 2021 at 10:13 am

    An excellent session that covered everything about the SOUND AN VIDEO editing for my YouTube Channel. Thanks Pearstec

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