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A Professional Consultancy Session

With online One to One Consultancy Session taking about Advertisng and Marketing Strategy of Facebook.


One to One Session
LKR 15000 10 Hours
  • 2 Hours - Consultancy each
  • 10 Hours - Total Sessions
  • 7 Modules | 30+ Contents


2-10 Members
LKR 28000+ 2 Days
  • 2 Members - LKR 28000
  • 3-5 Members - LKR 60000
  • 5-8 Members - LKR 80000

Best Facebook Ads

Finding right audience | Choosing the best budgeting strategy | Ad Set optimization | Using the very correct big strategy

How Many Types of Ads

45 + types of advertisements | We will learn all those advertisement with assessments with a Pearstec Ads BluePrint

How you will Learn

By making it doing, Case Studies | Assessments and analysis reports from your own data and records

6 BEST Marketing Strategy 

Advertisement and Organic Reach

Organic Reach

Marketing is a long-time plan that is processed slowly but steadily. If you have a strong organic marketing strategy in your Facebook presence, you can do better marketing on Facebook.

You must ask two important questions.

  1. Am I doing better in organic reach?
  2. Am I attracting enough customers to be in touch with me?

Loyal customers bring you the next set of customers. Social media is a network. That brings people from a network towards you. If your Facebook is growing slow and steady without much effort; consequently, you can come to a conclusion that my network attraction works fine.

What makes people interact with you

  • Incentives
  • Knowledge 
  • New Information
  • Good News
  • Your Victory

You must have a strong organic marketing strategy first prior to the Facebook advertisement marketing strategy.  


Once you have a better presence; organically, you will be able to attract new customers towards you from strategic advertisement plans. Facebook Advertisement greatly depends on your authenticity, your organic activities, and your network.

As per statcounter the most used social media platform currently is Facebook worldwide. So we must know where to find most of our audiences. That is one most important reasons why Facebook is playing a vital role in bringing more business today. 

The better the network, the more the people in it.

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Completed Consultation Sessions

20 March 2020 - 22 June 2022

Facebook Strategical Marketing
Follow-up-for customers
Facebook Marketing Strategy

What will happen to your current state after getting this consultation?

  1. Organic Presence

You will experience more people interacting with you organically and attracting new networks towards business.

  1. Authenticity

You will have an authentic and verified Facebook Business Manager Account from where your centralized operations will happen.

  1. Audiences

We will learn how to re-target and attract new customers based on current customers. Also, we will talk about audiences for organic and advertisement purposes.  

  1. Advertisement Techniques.

There are more than 45 types of advertisements you can do on Facebook. You will come to know how to do each successfully for the right purpose.

  1. Blueprint of Advertisement.

The knowledge of making a blueprint will give you clear-cut information on how to test an advertisement before it is being done and sent for approval.

  1. Diagnosing and analyzing advertisement

We should learn how to assess and evaluate an advertisement when it is running Facebook Ads Manager. You will come to know how to diagnose and analyze it for better results.



Facebook Marketing Strategy

Detail Content Explanation

Module 01

Marketing Strategy for Organic Presence

✅ Attracting the Network

  • Do the differences.
  • Irresistible offer.
  • GUSAECT Concept of Better Presentation. 
  • How to create a very well-structured content calendar with a scope?
  • Why do you need an organized project management plan to elevate your level from the current presence?

Module 02

Facebook Authenticity

✅ Facebook Business Manager Account

  • You will come to know how to work authentically with Facebook pages.
  • A centralized operation of your activities from a Business Manager Account.
  • A verified domain from Facebook.
  • Verified business Manager account under your name.
  • Connecting the assets

✅ Facebook Ad Policies

  • Personal Attribution Policy 
  • Personal Health Policy
  • Copy Right Policy 
  • Other Polices

Module 03

Facebook and Instagram Audiences

✅ Custom Targeting 

  • Knowledge of targeting customers based on activities
  • Getting more business for people who are Look-a-like your current customers.

✅ Saved Audience

  • Audience insight 
  • Exact targets 

Module 04

Advertisement Techniques.

✅ Objective-Based Advertisement

You will learn more than 45 different types of advertisements in this session under these main titles. 

  • Reach and Awareness  Ads
  • Consideration Objective Ads
  • Conversion Objective Ads

Module 05

Blueprint of Advertisement.

✅ Testing of your advertisement

You will learn more than 45 different types of advertisements in this session for checking its performances;

  • Reach and Awareness  Ads
  • Consideration Objective Ads
  • Conversion Objective Ads

Module 06

Diagnosing and analyzing advertisement

✅ Is my advertisement working well?

  • Facebook Ads Manager Analytics
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Re-engagement


To become a digital excellence with strategical marketing expertism

After Learning: We’re still bookable for your free follow-up sessions, for unlimited times. That is our Unique Service Point that attracts the most. Cheers!


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