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10 Hours Strategic Marketing

A Professional Consultancy Session

With this One to One Strategic Marketing Consultancy Session taking place in our office, we talk about Marketing Strategy that can build your brand. You will come to know how to create a healthy marketing funnel for more closing sales


One to One Session
$ 100 12 Hours
  • 10 Hours - Consultancy
  • 2 Hours a Day
  • + Life time support


2-10 Members
  • 2 Members - $80
  • 3-5 Members - $70/Pearson
  • 5-8 Members - $60/Person

Marketing Service -A Strategic Consulting

If you are struggling to get the results that you need, or if you think that you need a more defined marketing plan then concentrate on your strategic marketing plan by obtaining Pearstec Marketing Service

Marketing Missions

We will find ways to create marketing missions out of the available resources. expand it to go for the results with a short term and long term goal. Set up the objectives to go towards the goal.

Market Segmentation

Once the marketing mission in place, we then will identity the right groups of consumers for our products or services. We will identify demographic, psychographic, behavioral and geographic segmentations

Marketing Funnels

We will forcast the journey of the customers for each segmentation we had created by exploring the content strategies along with the Lead Megnut, Trip wire and Standard types of offer campaigns.

Marketing Medium

We will find ways of reaching the clients using all the available digital media tools beyond the social media channels. We will talk about the Advertising objectives, Strategies and outcomes.


Business to business tools is an another exciting part, where you will learn how to extract the leads and start connecting with the clients. You will learn getting business from another part of world


Presenting the Marketing mission the well forcasted and defined budget takes a big picture. You will learn all those along with the PMP application task markup. You will be ready to expedite.

7 BEST Strategic Marketing 

Go beyond ordinary Marketing by finding your clients in your own style with a customized marketing strategy. 

What will happen to your current state after getting this consultation?

You will learn how to create a successful marketing mission, that brings the right leads towards the business. By creating the marketing funnels for different market segmentation you will come to know how to get the right people towards your business channels for successful sales. More sales closures from fewer efforts.

Also, you will come to know how to make the marketing budget for the marketing missions. Presenting the project with the right objectives to go towards the goal with the right calendar, and using a correct PMP application is another thing that you will learn.



Organic Reach

Marketing is a long-term plan that is processed slowly but steadily. If you have a strong organic marketing strategy for your digital presence, you can do better marketing on any channel. 

You must ask three important questions.

  1. Am I doing better in organic reach in digital channels?
  2. Am I attracting enough customers to be in touch with me, again and again?
  3. Are my clients loyal enough?

Loyal customers bring you the next set of customers. Social media is a network that brings more people from other networks towards you. If your Facebook is growing slowly and steadily without much effort; consequently, you can come to the conclusion that my network attraction works fine.

What makes people interact with you

  • Incentives
  • Knowledge 
  • New Information
  • Good News
  • Your Victory

You must have a strong organic marketing plan first prior to any social media advertisements. Are you ready to create that markting funnel? 


Once you have a better presence; organically, you will be able to attract new customers towards you from strategic advertisement plans. Facebook Advertisement greatly depends on your authenticity, your organic activities, and your network.

As per statcounter the most used social media platform currently is Facebook worldwide. So we must know where to find most of our audiences. That is one most important reasons why Facebook is playing a vital role in bringing more business today. 

The better the network, the more the people in it. 



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Completed Consultation Sessions

20 March 2020 - 22 June 2022

Strategic Marketing Sessions
Follow-up-for customers
Strategic Marketing
Game changing strategic marketing and strategic consulting session of two days, Start your B2B and B2C marketing plan with our marketing service. | +94777634413
  1. Creating a marketing mission
    • Assessing the available resources and digital presence.
    • Creating marketing missions
    • Creating the goal for the marketing mission
    • Creating short-term objectives
    • Creating long-term objectives
    • Creating the Goal out of objective
  1. Market segmentation
    • Segmenting the market to different demographics
    • Finding the right channel to create the mission success.
    • Creating the USP for each segmentation.
    • Revising the USP if required to address the right orientation.
    • You will find the segmentation for each cluster.
  1. Marketing Funnel creation
    • Journey of a client in each segment
    • Content creation technique
    • Offer campaigns
  1. Marketing Medium
    • Finding the suitable medium to reach each funnel success.
    • Digital Media Channels for funnel
    • Old school and new marketing tools
    • B2B Tools and techniques 
  1. Budgeting the mission
    • Creating the content and activity calendar
    • Making the draft budget for the total mission
    • Pricing the product for the market assessing with the goals
  1. Presenting the entire mission
    • Creating the PPT for the entire transaction
    • Submitting the presentation to the approval 
  1. Creating the PMP tasks
    • Listing the Project Management Practices in PMP
    • Updating the PMP
    • Assigning tasks
    • Getting reports
    • Assessing the progress.
    • Address the failures.



Del Shad Henefa

Marketing Consultant

SEO & DIGITAL Marketing Strategist | MBA- Kingston University London |

After Learning: We’re still bookable for your free follow-up sessions, for unlimited times. That is our Unique Service Point that attracts the most. Cheers!



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