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📶 10-Hour Marketing Strategy Session for Businesses

This 10-hour session will teach you how to create a marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.

Pearstec Marketing Strategy Session

💪🏽 How your life going to change after this session?

You will…

📝 Create a clear and concise marketing mission that will guide your business.

🎯 Identify your target audience and create marketing messages that will resonate with them.

🎉Create marketing funnels that will help you attract, convert, and retain customers.

💸 Develop a marketing budget that is aligned with your business goals.

🎞️ Create a content strategy that will engage your audience and drive traffic to your website.

🗣️ Receive feedback and guidance from a seasoned marketing professional.

Bashana Perera
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Pearstec is the best online servicing company in Sri Lanka and they are giving a excellent and attractive service. really appreciated your service thank you ❤️
Tharindu Sankalpa
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Highly recommended educational service ever. You will get a thorough knowledge of the subject. The content will help you to manage your work with what to do and what not to. Thank you very much, Mr. Del Shad and Pearstec Marketing Pvt Ltd for every single word and your precious time.
Tharindu Sankalpa
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Highly recommended educational service ever. You will get a thorough knowledge of the subject. The content will help you to manage your work with what to do and what not to. Thank you very much, Mr. Del Shad and Pearstec Marketing Pvt Ltd for every single word and your precious time.
Ramesh Seneviratne
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Mr.Delshad --Is such an effective teacher..in addition to the clear lessons, his after class assistance was great for me to launch my add campaign successfully ... Thank you so much Mr.Delshad and look very much forward to working with Pearstec in future.
Dilshan Ranasinghe
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Highly recommended !!! If you want to learn about digital marketing. This is the platform for you !!! The lecturer delshad is very friendly and very attentive !
Mewan Anoj
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One of the best learning platform I have ever seen Thank you for valuable service ❤😇✔
Nabeel A. Raheem
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Very helpful and very friendly lecturer Mr. Delshad I learnt a lot about Facebook marketing from Pearstec Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Thank you for your great online zoom session during COVID-19 situation.
Madushanka Dinesh
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I've been doing Facebook marketing for a long time. But sir taught me exactly how to do it well. Simply, very well-taught. In a way that can be well-understood. I recommend it as the best institution. Amazing Company for the Businessmen! Thank you sir and Good luck.💪💪
AJ Cruzz
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Pearstec Is the Best Place to Promote Your Business in an online.. Highly Recommended.. good explaining & guiding... thank u sir...👌
Sadun Chandana Manchanayaka
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Wow, great, the teacher is a role model for any instructor. He has a good understanding of his industry. I have had two really helpful sessions. Highly recommended.
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Pearstec Marketing Pvt Ltd

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Pearstec Marketing Pvt Ltd

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📈 Marketing Strategy Consultation Contents

Module 01: Marketing Mission

Hour 1: Introduction

  • What is marketing strategy?
  • Why is it important?
  • The different types of marketing strategies
  • The steps involved in creating one for your business. 

Hour 2:
Creating a Marketing Mission

  • How to define your marketing mission
  • Examples of such missions
  • The importance of having a mission for your marketing.

By the end of this session, you will learn how to turn your basic objective into a mission and create SMART goals that will help you succeed in the real world.

Marketing Mission in Marketing Strategy

Module 02: Market Segmentation

Hour 3: Marketing Segmentation

  • What is segmentation in Marketing?
  • Finding your right segmentations. 
  • Creating and defining strategies for each segment. 
  • USP – How to make it effective for your business.

By the end of this session, you will have a clear mission, USPs, and strategies in place to create effective marketing funnels.

Market Segmentation in Marketing Strategy

Module 03: The Marketing Funnel

Hour 4: Marketing Funnels

  • Identifying the needs and pains of your clients.
  • The different stages of the marketing funnel
  • How to create one for each to achieve the mission we had created.
  • Delegation and managing the workloads.
  • Challenges and assessing the results. 

You will have a clear idea of the importance of understanding the journies of your clients and forecast the success with a defined set of plan for each. 

Marketing Funnel

Module 04: Marketing Budget

Hour 5: Marketing Budget

  • Pricing Strategies.
  • Competition assessment. 
  • Tracking your marketing ROI


Hour 6: What matters most?

  • Buying Power 
  • Type of offer campaigns 
  • Titling an offer campaign
  • Super blasting offers

You will come to know how to set a pricing strategy that will generate a healthy profit, target the right audience, and make the most of your current resources.

Marketing Budget

Module 05: Content Strategies

Hour 7: Why need Super Engaging Contents

  • Selling vs Engaging 
  • Why Organic engagement first?
  • Content planning based on GUSAECT

Hour 8: Why need Super Engaging Contents

  • A/B testing of contents
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Digital Media Content Strategies

After this session, you’ll gain insights to craft compelling content for all your digital marketing channels, resonating with your brand identity..

Content Strategy by Pearstec

Module 06: Creating Your Marketing Plan

Hour 9: Creating a plan to start the work.

  • The marketing plan should include the following elements
  • Marketing Mission
  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Content Strategy


Hour 10: Presenting Your Marketing Plan

  • You will present your marketing plans to us
  • The presentations should be 30-45 minutes long
  • You will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    • Clarity of their marketing plan
    • The creativity of their marketing plan
    • The persuasiveness of their marketing plan
Sessions Completed


Marketing Strategy Consultation

10 Hours Sesion
$ 125 5 Sessions
  • Lifetime LMS access
  • Online Via Zoom
  • 2 Hours a Session
  • Flexible Timing
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After you have made your payment, please click the button below to book your first session.

📌 Frequently asked questions

We can continue the session until you fully understand all its components.

Yes, you will get a lifetime FREE access to our learning portal LMS for all the lesson what is going to be available in the future also.

The Marketing Strategy session is ideal for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, small business owners, and anyone interested in gaining a deep understanding of marketing principles and strategies.

Your session will be conducted on a one-to-one basis via Zoom to discuss matters that concern you.

Please ask that prior to the session, we can send you the cloud recorded videos for your ready reference immediately after the session or you can record that from your side. 

Yes you can book the session anytime convenient from the available slot from this link

You can make the payment via a bank transfer or make a secured online payment




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