30 Days Practical Session


Learn how to transform your brand into a high-performing brand in just 30 days by practising what you learn in this mind-blowing one-to-one highly customized consultation session. Learn from the experts how to develop a winning digital brand strategy that attracts and engages customers, drives sales, and grows your business.

Meet your Consultant | Lecturer

Delshad Hanefa SEO Marketing Strategist

Del Shad Hanefa

MBA Holder from Kingston University, London. 10 + Years as Strategical Marketing Consultant, Co-Founder of Pearstec Marketing Pvt Ltd. Completed more than 1000+ Session and conducted several marketing sessions on different stages in various countries.

You will enjoy the following from day #1

  1. Have a content calendar to work from and start seeing results immediately.
  2. Be able to create high-quality content based on a content strategy that attracts organic engagement.
  3. Develop and implement strategic marketing campaigns that go beyond the ordinary.
  4. Achieve better advertising results and experience a healthy ROI.
  5. Gain the confidence to face any challenges you encounter in the digital world.
  6. Improve your digital marketing skills and performance.
  7. Learn how to set and achieve clear marketing missions, goals, and objectives.
  8. Develop a deep understanding of their relevant field, enabling them to answer any customer query confidently


Session 01:

Finding the Healthy Network to Get the Optimum Organic Reach in the Social Media Channels

You will learn the art of finding the best network to promote your business on your social media channels.  You learn how to get their attention and engagement. Getting away from the unhealthy network and being engaged in the right network makes a big difference to your organic presence. 

After this session: You will become busy finding the organic engaging network from day no 1.  You will screen the current network, chop off the unhealthy network members and start attracting the right audience 

Statistics: Companies that use social media effectively see a 51% increase in web traffic and a 43% increase in leads. (HubSpot)

Session 02:

To Get High Engagement with the People We Found Out We Will Then Make a Content Calendar Based on the Standards

We will share a content calendar format after learning the content strategies relevant to your business. The content strategy that resonates with your brand, can ensure the highest possible engagement in terms of brand awareness, knowledge sharing, selling notices etc. 

After this session: You will possess sound knowledge to plan your content that really going to make changes in your online presence for all the channels and interests. 

Statistics: Companies with a content marketing strategy generate 67% more leads than those without (Content Marketing Institute).

Session 03:

We Will Talk About Setting Up a Marketing Mission for a Month, Three Months and Six Months and for a Year

Did you know that companies with a clear marketing mission statement are more likely to achieve their business goals? A marketing mission statement is a brief statement that describes your company’s goals and objectives in the market. It’s important to have a clear marketing mission statement because it helps you stay focused on your target audience and your unique selling proposition.

After this session: We will make long and short-term missions with SMART goals and objectives. 

Statistics: Companies with a clear marketing mission statement are 50% more likely to achieve their business goals (MarketingProfs).

Session 04:

Based on the Marketing Mission Finding Out the Market Segmentation and  Marketing Funnels for each

Did you know that market segmentation can help you increase your conversion rate by 15%? Market segmentation is the process of dividing your target market into smaller groups based on shared characteristics. This allows you to tailor your marketing messages and strategies to each segment, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

After this session: You will get your Market Segmentation prepared to get your Marketing Funnels. Then you will do the content based on that with your knowledge.

Statistics: Companies that segment their market see a 760% increase in revenue (Aberdeen Group).

Session 05:

Learning the Advertising Strategies for Facebook Deeply.

We Will Concentrate on Doing Advertisements for the Segmentation We Talked About by Creating Appropriate Content to Fulfill the Market Funnel Objectives, to Reach the Mission We Made. We will concentrate on doing ads that can bring more conversion to impression

After this session: You will learn how to do advertisement for your created marketing funnels 

Statistics:  Facebook ads have a conversion rate of 9.21%, which is higher than the average conversion rate for all online advertising (2.35%). (WordStream)

Session 06:

Widening the Social Media Presence.

In this, We Will Learn How to Extend Our Reach to Other Social Media Platforms Such as LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest etc. Did you know that using multiple social media platforms can help you reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to your website? For example, LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B businesses, while Instagram is a great platform for B2C businesses.

After this session: You will become busy getting client from every single platform 

Statistics: Businesses that use 3 or more social media platforms see a 63% increase in web traffic (HubSpot).

How to join the Sessions

Your sessions after the first session will be fixed after your  practical task completion and we will ensure it happens as planned


Book your first 2 hours session from the link below. You can choose your convenient time as your choice from the available slot. Please find your right session.


Make the first instalment 50% upfront. We have a secured payment online payment payment gateway. Can transfer you amount to our bank account as well


You will get your booking link via email to join the session. Also we will send you the information to your WhatsApp on your request 


Join your first session with the link we share on your email or on your WhatsApp on time. Your next session will be fixed upon your task completion. 


  • Lifetime Access to Online Learning: You will get lifetime access to our entire online courses to learn anytime and anywhere. Courses are regularly updated

  • Premium Lifetime Client Support: Need advice, insights, or just want to chat? You can call anytime, and book a 30-minute online session or get an email support

📌 Frequently asked questions

The sessions are customized for your business needs and it is projected and targeted to your business goals particularly.

These sessions are targeted to give for one person, if you need to add more people then you must talk to us before the booking. 

We can continue the session until you fully understand all its components.

You will required worksheets and formats for the practical. The good news is you will get Lifetime Free access to our learning resources. We keep updating our course content regularly as per the updates.  

Your session will be conducted on a one-to-one basis via Zoom to discuss matters that concern you.

You can request for the video before the session. Please make sure you mention that to us before the session

Yes you can book the session anytime convenient from the available slot 

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Digital Brand Transformation

30 Days Practical Session
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Pearstec Marketing has been a true asset to our business. Their SEO Initial Setup services have delivered exceptional results, driving organic traffic to our website. What sets them apart is their continued support and commitment even after the contract was completed. They have been prompt in addressing our website updates and queries without any hesitation. The Pearstec team's efficiency and helpfulness have been instrumental in our success. We wholeheartedly endorse their services."
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Pearstec Marketing Pvt Ltd has exceeded my expectations in terms of learning opportunities. Mr. Dilshad's knowledge of strategic marketing techniques is exceptional. The team's unwavering support and direction are unparalleled. The outcomes achieved under their direction are remarkable. Pearstec Marketing Pvt Ltd has had a long-term impact on my professional development.
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Del-Shad Hanefa a true maestro in the world of search engine optimization. His profound knowledge of SEO best practices was evident as they effortlessly explained complex concepts in a way that even a layperson could understand. I knew I was in capable hands, but little did I know that the results would surpass all my expectations. Aside from Del-Shad’s technical prowess, he proved to be an excellent communicator, promptly addressing any queries or concerns I had. He understood the importance of collaboration, incorporating my feedback seamlessly into the strategy.
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