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Spend just 1$ and get your chat with Facebook Support option.

If you can get the chat option when you don’t have it by simply spending just 1$, will you say no?

Why are people required to chat with Facebook Support?

Facebook is the most active social media channel on earth. The more the action, the more people encounter issues pertaining to Facebook. On my YouTube Channel, after I had loaded my first video regarding chatting with Facebook, an incredible number of people started inquiring about chatting with chat with Facebook support. I found out there are many people who find issues with Facebook and Instagram accounts got no appropriate Facebook Business Manager Account or a Facebook Ad Manager account.

People majorly find the requirement to chat on Facebook support for the following reasons;

I found out that people have the following issues;

  1. Facebook and Instagram Ad Account temporary and permanent restrictions.
  2. Getting banned from Facebook and Instagram Pages.
  3. Getting hacked by some culprits.

Find out from the video how to avail the chat when you have a business manager account, and what you should do if you don’t have a business manager account.

How easy to chat with Facebook Support these Days?

Can anyone chat with Facebook Support?

Facebook or Meta had started its helpdesk support for people who encounter issues during advertisements. They must have done the following to get Facebook Support.

  1. They must have a Business Manager Account.
  2. Under that Business Manager Account, they must have created Ad Account for the pages he had added.
  3. Finally, they should do an advertisement under the Ad Account created for the above said Business Manager Account.

If you haven’t fulfilled all the above, it’s impossible for you to chat with Facebook Support.

Do you really want to pay someone to get your hacked account?

No! You definitely don’t want to waste money. We will explain you all down here.

If you don’t have a Facebook Business Manager Account or Meta Business Suite do the following to get your Meta Business Manager Account.

Chat with Facebook Support in simple 4 steps.

STEP 01: Creating a Facebook Business Manager Account.

01. Create a Business Manager Account

Simply type https://www.facebook.com/overview in your browser address bar and you will be taken to this screen

chat with Facebook Support, Creating Business Manager Account
You can create your Facebook Business Manager Account

Note: If you haven’t logged in to your Facebook account, please log into your account and start the process.

Do I need to have a Facebook Page to create a Business Manager Account?
No, you don’t have to have a Facebook Business Page to create a business manager account. Simply create the account. Then you can do the rest afterward.

02: Giving Name to your Business Manager Account.
Facebook Business Manager account Creation, Chat with Facebook Support
You must make sure to follow the rules in giving names.

Please follow the rules in typing appropriately. You can’t type your business name in total capital letters. Follow the rule of writing a word with its first letter as a capital letter (uppercase letter) and the remaining letters in lower case.

Please give your Business Name, Your Name, and your work email from any services.

03. Receiving email notification from Facebook.
Email notification from Facebook
You can give any email, here you can say an example email from Gmail.

That is all your business manager account will be ready and you can go to your business manager account and see your business manager account settings.

STEP 02: Adding Pages to the Facebook Business Manager Account.

01. Getting into the Facebook Business Manager Account.
URL for Facebook Business Manager Settings
You simply have to type the URL link in your browser address bar.

You will type the right URL link (https://www.business.facebook.com/settings) to get access to your business manager account. You will see your Facebook Business Manager account like this.

Facebook Business Manager Account
You can see your Facebook business manager account with your created names.

You can see the name you have given while you create your account.

02. Adding pages to your created Facebook Business Manager Account.
Adding Pages to the Facebook Business Manager Account
Facebook Business Manager Account while in pages menu.

There you will scroll down to the submenu “Pages” under the “Accounts” menu. After clicking on to that submenu you should click on the blue-colored button “Add”. You will get a drop-down menu from there as in the picture below

Adding pages to Meta Business Suite
There are 3 options in the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the “Add a Page” option, if you have already got a page of your own, or if someone had given access to a page under the admin role.
  • You will choose the “Request Access to a Page” option if you haven’t got access to a page you should get to this business manager account.
  • If you haven’t got a Facebook page then you can choose the option “Create a New Page”

03. Choosing your page from the list
Choosing your Facebook Page in Facebook Business Manager Account
The name appears in the space when you type the name of the Facebook Page

If you haven’t got access to a page, it will alert you there that you don’t have appropriate permission to add the page you are trying to the ad. So you must either own a page or get the appropriate role to ad the page.

Facebook Business Manger Account pages added
After adding a Facebook page it will appear in that area.

If your Facebook Page is new or you had been given a role as admin very recently. You must wait at least 9 days to ad your pages to your Facebook Business Manager Account. Please do activities on your Facebook Page that you newly had created. Prove your authenticity.

Step 03: Creating a Facebook Ad Account in Facebook Business Manager Account.

Facebook Ads Manager Acount
View of Facebook Ad Account creating tab

You must choose the submenu item Facebook Ad Account under the menu Accounts. Then you must click the blue-colored button.

01. Creating a new Facebook ad account
Facebook Ad Account Creating Sub Menu
The submenu items from the Facebook Ad account creation.

You have three options in that drop=down menu.

  • Add an ad account if you have already got an ad account and you need to claim it to your created Facebook business manager account.
  • Request access to an ad account if you are being requested by someone to do ads.
  • Create a new ad account if you haven’t got a Facebook ad account.

02. Entering your Facebook ad account credentials
Information you need to give when create Facebook Ad Account
Information you must give once you’re creating a Facebook ad account.

The ad account name should be typed appropriately as per the rule as the first letter as a capital letter (uppercase letter) and the remaining letters in lower case,

Choose the right timezone. Once you had chosen the time zone, you can change the time zone if the time zone you created is chosen wrong. But you will get your advertisement history deleted from the ads manager account. You always can change the time zone from Ad Account Settings

You can find your appropriate currency from the selection Finally choose the payment methods from the available selection.

You are good to go! You enter your debit/credit card details and proceed ahead.

Step 04: Do your first Facebook Advertisement to chat with Facebook Support.

01. I got nothing to advertise

It is always better to save money than to give some ad agencies. So start doing an advertisement for at least a Dollar. If you can get the chat option with Facebook support by spending just a Dollar, why not?

02. Starting your 1$ advertisement
Facebook Ads Manager url link
By typing that URL you can get to your Ad Manager Account to do the Ads.

Simply type https://business.facebook.com/adsmanager in your address bar of the browser and get to the ads manager account

03. Choose the right Facebook ad account that you created.
Facebook Ads Manager Account
View of your Ad Account

Now you must choose the right Ad Account as it is pointed. When you load the Facebook ad account it is by default to load your personal ad account that is created for your profile.

You must choose the right ad account from the drop-down menu. You can choose the “see more ad account” option and load the ad account that you just created.

Facebook Ads Manager Account
After choosing the “see more ad account” option

After choosing the right Facebook ad account, you will choose green-colored button “Create” to start your advertisement.

Previous Facebook Ad objectives
The objectives of Facebook Advertisement in the previous version
New Facebook Ad objectives
New Facebook Advertisement objectives

You can choose your objectives and start doing your advertisement for just 1 USD. But you must follow the Facebook Ads Policy to do the advertisement.

Once you had started your advertisement, you will get the chat option like this on your following screen. Please watch the video as to how to chat from the following screen.

Meta Business Suite
Meta Business Suite


Facebook loves authenticity. If you can prove your genuine attitude to solve an issue, no one can do it better than your good selves. Try to get the chat option and chat with Facebook support if you really want to get a solution.

Leave a comment if you still have issues. or contact us for true support. We also can arrange free customer service for you to solve these issues.


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  • Oliver Luton
    Posted June 25, 2022 at 1:39 pm

    What a beautiful writeup, I finally Made it happened. I did my Facebook Ad yesterday and today I got my Facebook my Chat option

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