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SINCE 2013

Everything from beginning

In the year 2013, on September 13, a Friday we started our journey as a Digital Marketing Agency in the beautiful city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. We did not limit our services to just a digital marketing agency; rather, we started our venture with great help from IELC. Fypaa started its services in order to give knowledge about the digital entrance to entrepreneurial enthusiasts. As a result, they benefitted and started their digital enhancement in a methodical way. It started with the name  fypaa.com. and later started its operations under the name Pearstec.

Digital Media Agency
fypaa.com Small Entrepreneur Show 23-24 Nov 2013

During the year 2013

In 2013, when we started our organization, we noticed that the SME operators did not have a clear idea to get a proper entrance to the digital world, so, we projected to enhance them to give a proper and healthy introduction to the digital world. We conducted awareness programs and help them to become different brands. As a result, they found their potential with our guidelines. They moved towards their own digital world.  

We also conducted sessions to enhance teachers and various SME operators. They all found their personal brands and proceeded in their respective lives.


In the later part of the year 2014,  we even managed to launch our Smart school project in Lahore, Pakistan. Bedford School was the only smart concept school then. It started with student learning in a digital environment. We made the school with Moodle environment Learning Management System. Students started learning in their tabs from school and submitted their projects and assignments online in the year 2014. 

Digital Media Agency
Nov 01, 2014, Launching of Smart School in Lahore, Pakistan
Digital Media Agency
Fypaa arrange tour to IELC | Nov 7, 2013
Digital Media Agency
TT program for teachers Dec 01, 2013
Digital Media Agency
Fypaa Trophy Softball cricket matches Nov 29,2014





Fypaa transformed into Pearstec on Aug 28, 2017. It continued its services. It kept helping people by giving services as a leading Digital media marketing company, so that the customers from Asia, South America and Europe obtained help from various services it offers. 


Pearstec managed to achieve an important milestone in making e-learning videos. It achieved recording more than 1500 video e-lessons. It was a project rendered by the Yaqeen Education System Pvt Ltd. Our professional voiceover staff members and Digital Animators worked day and night to make it a success. As a result, it achieved its target in less than a year’s time.  

Thanks to the owner and the chairman Mr Fahmy Farook, who helped our team to enhance in doing videos. 

A web development with SEO

We conducted our first website development & Search Engine Optimisation workshop in Kandy. 6 Participants took part in this one-day session and benefitted greatly.

Digital Media Agency
Digital Media Agency
Digital Media Agency
Facebook Ad Campaign : Jan 04, 2020
Digital Media Agency
Digital Entrepreneur : Oct 13, 2019
Digital Media Agency
Facebook Ad Campaign : Jan 18, 2020


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