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7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce

How to generate expected results from Facebook Ads for ecommerce?

Are you still finding difficult to get the right people to respond to your Advertisements? We are discussing the 7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce that bring back your customer and earn more customers towards your Ecommerce pages. 

Facebook advertisements are reaching larger audience based on the browsing cookies registered in audience’s devices.

1) Page like campaign – Many in one Strategy

2) Re-targeting by offering  best deal 

3) Live Streaming Ad Strategy

4) Stop selling always 

5) Thanking the engaged

6) Amusing Page Likers

7) Best fan offer

7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce

How to get more than two benefits from a single Facebook Ad?

1) Page like campaigns

7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce

You can create Facebook page like campaigns under engagement objective and run advertisement for offers. 

Offering discount coupons, giving away free training sessions, conducting free consultants are some of the ideas that you can implement along with these types of campaigns. 

The promises that you made should be dealt with extra care. Make sure the objectives obtained and achieved. Be sure to inform your entire staff members about the ongoing offer. They should avoid unnecessary miscommunications happening during the promotion period.  

Big benefit : They will like your page and buy your products. 

And many more benifts! Once they found this offer exiting, they click the like button in order to obtain the offer.  They visit your e-commerce website. Next time you have many ways that you can target them under customs audience for your  Facebook ads. With the Facebook pixels and events you created,  as engaged person with your ad or as they like your page already. Say, If they don’t click page technically and visited your website, still you are able to win them down the road. 

A proof : 1000+ Page likes for less than $10
Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 killer Ad strategies

The result of an Ad Campaign run by Pearstec during July 2021


Can you achieve something  from conducting offer campaigns?

2) Re-targeting by offering best deal

7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for EcommerceConduct offer campaigns under traffic objective in Facebook Ads. Offer with certain exact details will be announced under offers. A normal post mentioning your offer and an offer post has a clear difference. Facebook has provision to do the offer campaigns, then why not do it in a proper way?

You can mention the offer details in the post itself. The most attractive part of creating such an offer is, taking your customer to a website landing page. The next choice is that you make your customer visit the physical location. 

Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 killer Ad strategies

How you can benefit from going live?

3) Live Streaming Ad Strategy

Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 Killer Ad StrategiesAnnouncing an ad as you are coming online with surprising offer on one particular day is another Facebook Ad Strategy.

Target your right audience including your  current customers. Make fuss about this event in many channels. Make it look like an event of the year. You can make people be aware and try to update their calendars with reminders. You can take them to a landing page where they register their name and other details which you can use for re-targeting under customs audience. Remember this! Your landing page should give them the excitement as you are coming online with “SUPRISE OFFERS” on that day.


StreamyardSTREAMYARD : A best streaming application. You can broadcast your session online in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can broadcast 20 hours in Free version and in one platform at a time. But, if you subscribe to Streamyard paid Services you can broadcast in multiple channel same time. If your customers are more engaging in YouTube and Facebook, you can choose both the options same time. 

Check more options here 


Do you value each of your customer?

4) Stop selling always 

Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 Killer Ad StrategiesDo you think your consumers value their presence with you? 

Your brand earns value when you do extra-mile services without any expectation. E-commerce websites can arrange consumer awareness sessions under various titles. Fashion Talk, Skin Care discussion or anything related to current trending. By doing that, you can earn the respect of the potential customers. You appearing as an intelligent e-commerce platform and you being money centered are two different things and those bring two different values. So try bit harder to arrange such session to get engagements. 

THE BIG BENEIFTS: when you do sessions that discuss about brands you sell, you not only making your consumers aware,  also you can sell the products much easily. You can find your brand identity for the products you are selling in the market. 


How much thankful you are?

5) Thanking the engaged

Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 Killer Ad StrategiesHave you ever thought of doing an advertisement to thank the customer who had engage with your previous advertisement? If not do that. An advertisement can receive engagements  in many ways. Like, comment share, messages or link clicks. So if you can use your customs audience provisions to target and give them a gratitude message that would ad value to your attempts. They will remember your advertisement. Now if you can give some valid discount to people who had engaged with your previous advertisement that will make more sense to them. So the strategy here is re-engaging by expressing your gratitude.  


Is you page likers exited about your page?

6) Amusing Page Likers Campaigns

Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 Killer Ad StrategiesYou can run this type of advertisement only targeting the page likers. When you inclusively target only the page likers you are giving them reason to feel special. They will feel worth as they like your page, this will pave ways to for more future engagement. As a a results of these kinds of campaigns you can attract more new page likers who wants to get in to these kinds of special promotion. These page likers also can be addressed in good way when they physically come to your location for any purchases if you have any such places. 


7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce

Do you have a strong commmunity?

7) Best fan offer

Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 Killer Ad Strategies

Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7 Killer Ad StrategiesHow is your community strength? this is a question you must ask yourself as a admin of the page. If people engage with your content how they engage with you? 

By making a group along with your Facebook page you can bring two way traffic. That traffic will enable you to get more organic engagements. 

But when fans are giving a considerable amount of time to your page, remember to give some gift cards of another outlet or giving them a free ticket to visit a show or something like that. i will induce people to expect many surprises. Announce that among your Page fans. Facebook Ads for ecommerce 7killer ad strategies can consider this incident also as a serious once and announce that among page likers as congratulation note. 

7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce

Conclusion: What ever you do as advertisement, your advertisement will reach to people only if your current network able to find a better network. A reasonable network is a total luck that you must pray for after an advertisement. The cookies that getting activated in individual computer and mobile phone devices plays avital role in taking your targeted crowd to the advertisement. When you can make people waste time with your content in your ecommerce site or with your content, you will flourish in future and in present.

If you want to learn from an expert you can talk to Pearstec! 


7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce

7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce

7 Best Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce

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